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Why Choose To Live In Leaside?

Often referred to as part of midtown Toronto, this is where you'll find quiet, tree-lined streets with all the curb appeal you ever dreamed of. In summer you can see children playing ball hockey or shooting hoops on the streets of this quiet suburban-like neighbourhood in the heart of the city. This is in part why Leaside is considered, by many, to be the perfect neighbourhood for raising a family and to look for a house for sale. Most of the homes in Leaside were originally built in the 1930's and 1940's, the original “Leaside charm” still prevails in both the older renovated homes and in many of the newer built homes. As a Leaside resident and Leaside real estate agent, I come face-to-face with Leaside's strong sense of the past when I meet many 2nd generation Leasiders raising their families here now.And there's a real sense of community with many families supporting children's local sports teams, myself included. There are activities for all ages including many indie pilates studios, yoga and fitness groups. The other reason Leaside is such a hot commodity with families is that it’s home to some of Toronto's top-tier schools and is famous for its abundant parks, natural greenspace and beautiful ravines. Leasiders are walking distance to some of the city's best shopping along Bayview Ave & Mount Pleasant Rd perched side-by side with family services, dentists, spas, hair salons, barbers and more. There’s a wide array of fine dining, bistros and healthy living is embraced with organic food providers & healthy butchers. This neighbourhood offers unmatched community perks, it’s residents enjoy excellent access to public transit, a quick commute to the downtown core, a public library, and a multi-recreational complex that includes two indoor ice rinks, an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts and a curling rink and proximity to running and biking trails at the Greenbelt in Davisville. You want it, it’s all here. I've been a Leaside Real Estate Agent and lived here for over 25 years and I love it here, it's home and it has provided my family with a real sense of community and belonging. I invite you to consider Leaside as your next neighbourhood and to let me find you your next home for sale.

What About Davisville Village?

In the heart of midtown lies Davisville Village on the west side of Bayview to Yonge St. As an established Davisville Village Real Estate Agent I admire how this neighbourhood has found a way to bridge the needs of its community by integrating condo buildings on higher traffic arteries for first-time buyers with the multi-generational stream of semis & detached homes. This neighbourhood is where many young couples stake their first real estate claim and it's no wonder. Easy access to public transportation and excellent recreational facilities are a huge draw. An influx of young families anxious for their next house to have a midtown address has contributed to the area's growth. Davisville has gained a reputation as friendly, family-oriented, while still bustling with activity for young pre-family couples as well as active semi-retired & retired individuals looking to downsize and leave their large-home worries behind. With the Davisville Tennis Club and the Greenbelt trails staying fit is easy in Davisville. As a Leaside resident and a Davisville Village Realtor, I indulge in the many activities in Davisville too. There's a plethora of indie yoga studios, boxing classes, dancing and small boutique physical fitness studios spread throughout the neigbhourhood. As a Davisville Village Realtor I'm glad that Davisville offers entry-level homes for young families to renovate alongside in-lays & new builds. Its well-ranked schools, fabulous parks, local shopping and easy access to the Leaside sports activities on the other side of Bayview allows Davisville residents to enjoy the local scene. Residents of Davisville have acces to shops, restaurants, cafes and health professionals on Mount Pleasant Rd and Yonge St and are walking distance to Bayview Ave. Here you can find all your heart desires: fine dining, cafes, bistros, gelato bars, antique shops, hair salons, mani-pedi bars, spas, dentists and everything in the middle. Davisville Village has it all in midtown Toronto!

What's At Bayview & Eglinton and Bayview & Blythwood?

If you’ve been looking for a home around Bayview & Eglinton for any length of time, you’ve come to realize that this particular pocket of the city touches not one, not two, but three of the neighbourhoods that are much in demand! It’s a bit farther north than Davisville, but it’s close. It’s not quite Leaside, but for many, it is. Is it Sherwood Park? It’s close, but Sherwood Park is considered nearer Mount Pleasant. However, all three communities can claim this area as its own. There’s a medley of lovely older cottage-style semi & detached homes here and some newer homes. There are some older well-established low-rise apartment-turned-condo buildings on Bayview north of Eglinton which provide larger condos. There are some luxury condos at the Sherwood At Huntington on Bayview & Blythwood at the rear entrance to Sherwood Park. Three-storey condo townhouses on Bayview Ave, in front of Sunnybrook Hospital, provide starter homes with its interior community for young families on Hargrave Lane. And a bit farther south of Sunnybrook Hospital I would be remiss not to highlight The Kilgour Estates, luxury estate condos and townhouses, a complex with some of the best amenities in the city. And all of these are within walking distance to the shops, services and dining on Bayview Ave. Of course progress being what it is, the corner of Eglinton & Bayview will soon say goodbye to Sunnybrook Plaza and will make way for larger new condo buildings for buyers wanting to get into Leaside and it’s surrounding areas. There’s so much to see and know about here and that's where my experience as a Leaside Realtor and Davisville Real Estate Agent will help you make the right decision!

Why Call Me?

It can be daunting to find the right home even in these attractive neighbourhoods. There is a well-balanced mix of old and new, high-end, mid-level and entry-level home for all, if you know where to look, what to buy and how much to pay! Some home buyers know exactly what they’re looking for and call me or visit my web site first before buying. Because after 25+ years as a Leaside Realtor and Davisville Village Real Estate Agent, the residents know me, they know I’ve listed and sold pretty much on every street and they trust me to know this market both when they’re selling and when they’re buying in these communities. And buyers who are new to the area and aren’t sure where they should look to for their next home, or for their first home, call me when looking for accurate information and help realize their dream of home ownership. I can tell you in person, why you should live here because I love this community and I support the local schools' fund raising campaigns, I sponsor local children's sports teams, I have my annual pumpkin giveaway, my Mother's Day giveaway, several Free Family Skate Days at Leaside Gardens, I support our local food bank, our local winter coat drive and much more. I believe in giving back to this community that has been the center of my life and my wife and children's lives for over 25 years. 

And if you already live in Leaside, Davisville or in midtown and you want some real estate advice, you know to call me. After 25+ years of living and working in Leaside, Davisville and all around mid-town you can trust me to give you solid Real Estate advice. I’m a Top Producing Realtor at Bosley Real Estate Ltd and in Leaside. If you review your investment portfolio annually with your Financial Planner, shouldn’t you do the same with a knowledgeable, local top-tier Real Estate Advisor? After all, your property is one of your single largest investments and you should know its value regardless of whether you’re selling or not. Call me at 416-322-8000 or email me .

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