My New Blog Downsizing and Lifestle Change

Welcome to my new blog,

Most of you know me and my family. Afterall, I've been working and living in Leaside for over 30 years. Our children probably went to school together. Maybe you and I chatted while attending some sports activities our children were involved in, hockey, gymnastics, cheerleading and so on. We may have sat on some local committees together, or you know me from many of my local fundraisers and you may have attended many of the activities I've organized in Leaside & Davisville over the years.


Over the last few years, many of my clients & neighbours have been contemplating retiring and/or downsizing. I help them by selling their homes and with the help of my Buyer Realtor Chantal Vaillancourt, I help them find them the perfect condo to meet their needs. Small but not too small, they still need to hold family dinners. Or maybe they prefer a semi or a bungalow. Location is always important, is it near the TTC? Is it within or close to, Leaside & Davisville, so they can keep the healthcare professionals they trust and keep the lifestyle they're accustomed to but in a condo or semi or bungalow.

Others approach me to help their parents or a senior family member who needs to sell the family home. I make sure they get the best return on their lifelong investment. In order to do so, I direct the appropriate resources to help with de-cluttering, storage, selling or donating the belongings they won't move. I have great resources for moving and help set my clients up in the new space. I can also help them find the right lifestyle solution to meet their needs with all the resources I know and have worked with in the past. A condo is not always the best solution. In some cases, they're ready for a retirement home. While I'm proud to help sell my clients' homes and get them the best investment for their retirement, I don't stop there! Most of my senior clients need some extra help to ready their home for sale. I'm happy they trusted me to help with this transition. That’s why I decided to dedicate this part of my website to providing you with some information that may prove useful to you when downsizing or to a family member transistioning into a retirement home.

If I missed something here (and I bet I did), just email me at: and let me know what you would like to see covered here and if I can’t find it, I’ll find someone who can provide us all with the information.

Visit this section of my website regularly to catch new articles from individuals in the retirement industry that have some valuable information to share. Or maybe some people who've gone through what you're about to go through and have some words of wisdom to share. I'll invite mortgage brokers and financial planners to talk about retiring. I'll be chatting with retirement home managers. I'll be bringing in a lawyer who specializes in wills and estate planning. Also some groups who can help you with sorting, packing, moving and unpacking.

I can let you know when I have new info to share under this Retirement blog. Just email me at with subject header RETIREMENT and I’ll send you a reminder when I have new information to share with you on my website about retiring.

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